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Equal parts nostalgia and innovation, The Third Place Cocktail Co. presents Kola. We started with classic, cola flavors: cinnamon, citrus and vanilla but we put our twist on things to make a product that is both complex and easily drinkable; as refreshing on its own over ice as it is paired with a rich, flavorful rum.

Real Kola nut – the fruit of the kola tree, growing wild in the rain forests of Africa, the namesake of cola and a natural source of caffeine is the backbone of our flavour. By pairing this classic ingredient with fresh citrus zest, whole vanilla beans, true cinnamon sticks and sugar, we quickly developed a classic kola recipe. However, to craft a truly unique cocktail ingredient we took things a further. We swapped some of the sugar for rich, brown sugar, coffee beans and pu-erh tea brought depth and darkness, and complex floral notes were added with ginger, lavender, sea buckthorn and stinging nettles. To top it off we developed our own blend of chai.

Like Tonic, Elderflower, Radler and Ginger Rose, every bottle of Kola is made with the best botanicals available and each bottle is labeled and signed by hand to emphasize the small-batch nature of our company and as a testament to the quality of the product.

Third Place Cocktail Co. KOLA

  • Who? Dan & Kristopher at The Third Place Cocktail Co.

    Where? St. John's, Newfoundland


    Mixing Instructions:

    Add 1 oz of The Third Place Cocktail Co., Kola to 2 oz of your favorite rum (we prefer a dark rum) and 2oz of fizzy water to a rocks glass filled with ice. Stir to combine.

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