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Full size                                                   

Comes in a 1 oz glass bottle                     Comes in a package (4 grams) 

Nt. wt. 12 grams


Single use

The individual mask packets each contain about 1 Tablespoon, or 5g of powder.


Our Seaweed face mask is a superfood for your skin. Made from nutrient-rich seaweed harvested from the coasts of British Columbia, this mask is excellent for firming, restoring, and replenishing skin on a cellular level. This mask is excellent for mature or damaged skin.



sea clay, oats, rose powder, spirulina, kelp powder, irish moss seaweed, bladderwrack seaweed powder


How to Use

Add one tablespoon of face mask powder and one teaspoon of water. Mix together until a paste is formed. Apply with your fingers, spreading to cover your face. Let sit for 1 minutes while the ingredients exfoliate and replenish your skin. Rinse thoroughly.


Customize your face mask by replacing the water with honey + water to draw out toxins; yogurt, milk, avocados and bananas for added moisture, our Seaweed and Rose Toner and/or facial oil for rejuvenating tired skin.

Seaweed Face Mask

  • Sealuxe Organics

    Sealuxe lives and breathes the rhythm of the tides. From the front door of coastal British Columbia and inspired by the wild wisdom of the sea, we blend, stir, sift and pour healthy ingredients infused with the Pacific ocean’s unique and natural elements into all of our products.

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