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Dissatisfied with cocktails made with the modern excuse for tonic water, The Third Place Cocktail Co. decided to start from scratch and reassess what it would mean to revive the art of classic cocktails such as Gin and Tonic to the civility of its illustrious past. That journey led to the cinchona tree, the only natural source for quinine and the essence of real artisanal tonic water. If the tonic you are currently drinking has “quinine” as an ingredient instead of “cinchona bark” it probably means it is not naturally produced quinine, but don’t worry, there’s help to be found.


The Third Place Cocktail Co.’s Tonic represents the elemental flavour components of a truly world class tonic water, intended to accentuate the raw beauty and flavour of gin while adding the bitterness required in a truly civilized Gin and Tonic.


Every batch of Tonic is made by hand with the very best ingredients and botanicals available and each bottle is signed by hand to show not only that the company is truly a small batch operation, but that the founders stand by the quality and integrity of every bottle. There are rumours that some people who claim to enjoy vodka (let’s call them “pre-gin drinkers”) have gotten their hands on some of The Third Place Cocktail Co. Tonic. While this isn’t encouraged, it’s said The Third Place cocktail Co Tonic is so civilized it can make even vodka delicious.




Quinine (Cinchona Bark)

Native to Peru and Bolivia, and used medicinally for centuries by native South Americans, Quinine is derived from the bark of the Cinchona tree. British colonialists, stationed in India, can be credited with inventing the classic gin and tonic when they mixed spirits with their daily rations of Cinchona bark to fight malaria and lime to fight scurvy.


Quinine is the ingredient of most importance when making a balanced, bitter tonic and we source all natural, loose bark from Peru to make our tonic base or “bitter”. Although, Cinchona will add some sweetness and a nutty, vanilla fragrance, the pr